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Why Choose a Conference Organiser

Margaret Reid Pty Ltd converts logistics and decisions into action, providing administrative support and the coordination of suppliers, venues, caterers, accommodation and travel when organising your conference, trade show or special event.

As professional conference organisers this company is equipped to develop and design strategies and programme content to ensure adequate publicity and attendance.  Further a range of leisure and recreation activities from pre and post conference tours and travel in the local country, to the staging of a special events or a series of golf days can be specifically designed to interest and provide incentives to conference delegates and their partners.

Partnering with an experienced conference organiser can alleviate many moments of worry and double handling.

We have a proven track record with over 40 years experience of organising conferences,  trade shows  and special events in Australia and Overseas.  We have the credentials and we pride ourselves on our competence at organising special events and functions anywhere in the world despite the physical location of our customer or where the event is to be held.

No longer is it necessary to have your trade and conference organiser located in the event city or Country.  Today’s technology enables all stakeholders 24 hour electronic access to each other and the principal of this company is accessible 24/7.

It would be our pleasure to discuss your next event whether it is a corporate launch, a conference, congress, workshop, training program, function, golf event, destination travel or  a trade show.  We would be happy to meet with you and provide a quotation to help you stage a successful and financial rewarding event.

Event Managers - What clients say

Ongoing client since 1997

..."From a shortlist of 4 companies we selected Margaret Reid Pty Ltd, apart from Margaret Reid’s vast experience she was able to offer the “one stop shop” we considered so important when trying to run a major conference from long distance.  It was vital that we deal with one person as there are no opportunities for meetings or face to face discussion in our business relationship, it is all done by remote – telephone, fax and email”.

Papua New Guinea Chamber of Mines & Petroleum - Greg Anderson, Chief Executive Officer

 ...”An asset to me personally and other committee members throughout the planning stages of the congress was the easy accessibility we had in reaching Margaret during and after hours.  This proved to be an additional benefit to committee members as every matter was handled swiftly and effectively and in some cases in a short time frame”. 

Medical Women’s International Association, Germany       Dr G Casper, President,